Google Ads Campaigns
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Google Ads Campaigns

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Full Setup
Ongoing Management
Ad Copy Suggestions: 1
Audience Targeting Suggestions: 1
Ad Extensions: 2
Keywords: Up to 20 and Negative up to 30
7 Days Campaign
Full Setup
Ongoing Management
Ad Copy Suggestions: 4
Audience Targeting Suggestions: 4
Ad Extensions: 4
Keywords: Up to 40 and Negative up to 40
Campaign QA
Conversion Tracking
14 Days Campaign
Full Setup
Ongoing Management
Ad Copy Suggestions: 10
Audience Targeting Suggestions: 20
Ad Extensions: 8
Keywords: Unlimited and Negative Keywords is Unlimited too
Campaign QA
Conversion Tracking
1 Month Campaign

We will set up, manage and optimize your Google ads campaign professionally. We have Certified AdWords & PPC Experts with 5+ years of PPC and Marketing experience.

We will work to get you the following results:
Better Traffic Quality: Using keywords, negative keywords, search terms and editing advance campaign setting.
Better CTR: Best ad position for less money: By doing a daily, weekly and monthly optimization of all the campaigns.
The best ad quality: More clicks and better ad position for the same budget or even with less
We will create an ad copy that makes the user want to click, and ad copy that matches the search term (Very Important to get high ad quality score).
If you have any doubt, you just message us and we´ll answer as soon as possible. 

Google ads are the most POWERFUL tool in business today.
Google's internal algorithms are creating more relevant results than ever.
A skilled PPC manager can create incredible conversion funnels and get the best results:

  • Get to your most relevant clients (Keyword Optimization)
  • Don't waste money on irrelevant clicks (Negative Keywords)
  • Maximize the rate of user clicks and Minimize the cost per click (CPC) (With prominent ad text)
  • Increase the chance of conversions for different customer intents (ad groups)
  • Get Extensive Insights on client behavior
Over 10 years of experience!
We've run campaigns with over 1M$ in budget

We will set up a great campaign, comprised of - 
Initial Strategy
Full keyword research
High ranking ads
Budget Distribution
Negative Keywords
and anything else required for a great campaign!


Does ad management start counting as soon as I buy the service?
No. It starts counting as soon as the FIRST AD IS ACTIVE. For example, you bought the monthly service on August 15th. But the first ad was active until August 20th. Your service will go until September 20th.

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