Shopify Store Speed Optimization
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Shopify Store Speed Optimization

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We will increase your store’s speed, boost your SEO and capture your audience's attention with higher engagement rates and ultimately more conversions with this essential shopify store speed optimization!

Why Is It Important to Have a Fast Store?
  • Increasing your store’s speed helps generate more sales and customers are less likely to get distracted or put off by a slow store (especially on mobile connections)
  • Higher ranks in Search engine results - Google and major search engines rank the importance of your store based upon its speed in loading. The faster your store is, the more important it will appear in search results when compared to a competitor, who is loading slower then you. Ultimately Speed equates as convenience, so that means fast sites always rank higher in the search results for relative terms!
This Project Includes:
  • Optimization of all static assets (css, js, images)
  • Optimization of all theme mark-up to ensure page loading is as optimal as possible
  • Prioritize non-blocking elements and ensure the page displays quickly even on slower mobile connections
  • Implement Rich snippets and DNS Caching


How Do I Get Started?
Once you know which service you'd like to start with, click the 'Add To Cart' button of your selection, open your cart icon then checkout button. You will then be directed to our payment processing page to use Paypal or Put it on Lay Buy for our installment option. 

After purchase we will sent a production guiding questionnaire, reply back and off we go!

Will your optimizations affect my Shopify store's look and functionality?
Our optimizations will not affect the look or functions or your Shopify store.

Am I risking damaging my Shopify website?
Definitely NOT. We will be taking full backups before we start working on your website and we do extensive testing after performing the optimizations to make sure everything is working properly.

What are the platforms to test Shopify website speed?
You can check out Google PageSpeed Index to test your Shopify store speed. Alternatively, you can also use GTMetrix Tools.

95+ score and under 3 seconds loading speed is possible in Google PageSpeed Index?
Yes, everything is possible. We have made countless Shopify websites faster to load under 3 seconds and also made them score 95+ on Google PageSpeed. Contact us with your Shopify store URL and we'll provide you a free evaluation.

Your Shopify website speed up optimizations will last or will be gone after some days?
The optimizations implemented by us to make your Shopify store faster are permanent unless you change the theme or install a bunch of new apps.

Will this optimization improve Shopify's speed for Mobile as well?
Yes, our optimizations will improve Shopify website speed for all platforms i.e. Mobile, Desktop, Tablets, etc. However please know that for mobiles, 70 is the maximum score We can get you on Google PageSpeed index due to the inherent limitations of Shopify platform.